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This glossary is a work in progress. The majority of the names are based on Ancient Greek, Latin, and even some Old Norse with their meaning reflected in the characters or places they represent. 


Aelius  - A Hyperborean soldier.

Amabilia Sah-Hirdreil  - The Gigantes Enoni.

Caeneus  - A gruff Metpah weapons trainer.

Bride of the Hyperborean - The Metaph that must marry the Hyperborean prince to continue the peace between the two people under the Hemithanes Treaty.

Enoni - The Bound - A person from each race that chooses to bind themselves with the spirit of the earth and the land. This grants them immortality and near unlimited power in their chosen territory.

Epitropas of Megaleios Xulon  - Guardian of the Great Tree, one of Hippolyta’s titles.

Exoutheneo  - The Despised - Creatures cursed by Trendok who were once Hyperborean soldiers.

Gigantes - Lysuphim -  Giants, a seafaring people that inhabited the northern coastline. 

Hippolyta - First Keeper of the Staff. Enoni and mother of the Metaph, a race of females who live in the Great Tree.

Hyperborean - Elves - A people of the that fought and lost a war with the Metpah.

Jais, the Mad King - The Hyperborian King who sent the Ten Thousand, soldiers ordered to attack the Hyperborian Enoni Trendok.

Epitropas of Megaleios Xulon  - Guardian of the Great Tree, one of Hippolyta’s titles.

Kallista - Third Keeper of the Staff and Zo's sister.

Kanth - Hell Hounds - Doglike creatures made of molten fire. They can only be harmed by water and stone. They burn anything thing they touch and love blacked footprints on stone.


Kar - Lektok Enoni.

Keeper of the Staff - The name line of succession of the Metaph’s Enoni. Each Metaph is assigned a number of succession so that the forest will never be without a guardian.

Lektok - Dwarves - Short and sturdy beings know for their vast knowledge of metallurgy and smithing abilities.

Megaleios Xulon - The Great Tree, an enormous tree that is home to the Metaph.

Metaph - Dryads - Mythical female beings that dwell in and care for the Megaleios Xulon Forest.

Nocte Infernum - A 9-day long festival leading up to a day of repentance in remembrance of the Mad King Jais attack on Trendok, the Hyperborean Enoni. 

Natualist - Metaph name for the Nigrum.

Nigrum - Dark Elves - Hyperboreans that refused the trappings of civilization and instead sought a deeper connection with nature and became more Fae than Hyperborean. 

Salsus - A Stoic slave.


Scavea - A centurian commander charged with escorting Heather, Ken and Stacey to Ro Penmon.

Tragoúdi - The Song -  A form of telepathic communication used by the Metpah.

Trendok - Hyperborian Enoni.

Tredonianism - The Hyperborian practice of worshipping their Enoni. Arguably created by the Mad King's uncle, Eugis, when he performed the Fist Sacrifice to appease Trendok.

Xene - A tall Metpah warrior with white hair.

Zo - Second Keeper of the Staff and Bride of Hyperborean. Kallista's sister.

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